Community Fire Planning

Fire approaching homes photo

The Purpose of Community Fire Planning is to:

  • Empower communities to organize, plan, and take action on issues impacting community safety
  • Enhance levels of fire resistance and protection to the community
  • Identify the risks of wildland/urban interface fires in the area
  • Identify strategies to reduce the risks to homes and businesses in the community during a wildfire.

Objectives of Community Fire Planning in Utah:

  • Facilitate the organization of citizen fire councils to guide planning and coordinated action
  • Improve community safety through:
    • Coordination
    • Training
    • Fire Prevention
    • Education
    • Fuel Modification
    • Public Safety
  • Enhance fire protection through:
    • Improved fire prevention and public education
    • Improved coordination within the community
    • Development of long-term strategies
  • Reduce the potential for and the consequences of wildfire


Would you like to see an example of the template working for a community? Visit the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network blog: How Salt Lake City’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan Generated Action in Less Than a Year. Or the CWPP document for Salt Lake City

Interested in creating a Community Fire Council, check out these recommendations from the Wasatch Front Fire Adapted Communities Coalition. The WFFACC also has examples of mitigation actions that are working within their communities.

For questions on the Community Fire Plan please contact Jennifer McBride

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