THE DIVISION OF FORESTRY, FIRE AND STATE LANDS is responsible for forest health, responding to wildland fires and managing sovereign lands in Utah.

Each year hundreds of wildfires start in Utah’s forests, rangelands, and deserts. The Division responds to wildfires on state and private land ensuring that communities, watersheds, rangelands and wildlife habitats don’t suffer catastrophic losses. 

Private landowners rely on area foresters and fire managers to assist in promoting healthy forested land and planning for safer communities.

Healthy forests are the key to thriving watersheds as well as fit communities. The urban forestry program endeavors to promote trees in communities statewide. Trees provide numerous economic and social benefits. They add to the overall quality of life in cities and towns. Did you know for example that hospital patients have been shown to recover more quickly when they have a view of trees from their hospital room?

Sovereign Land consists of the beds of Utah’s navigable rivers and lakes. The beds of the Jordan and Bear Rivers, as well as portions of the Colorado and Green Rivers, are state sovereign lands. The beds of Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake, and Bear Lake are all managed by the Division under the “Public Trust” doctrine.