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Galena Property

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In January 2000, the Utah State Legislature enacted Utah Code 63A-5-222 granting the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands (FFSL) title to an approximately 250 acre parcel of “critical land” adjacent to the Jordan River between 12300 South and 14600 South in Draper, which is now known as the Galena Property.  Utah Code 63A-5-222(8) required that the Galena Property be placed under a perpetual conservation easement. This conservation easement is held in perpetuity by Utah Open Lands, a 501c(3) non-profit land trust conservation association.  Galena includes nearly 100 acres of riparian and wetland habitat on the east side of the Jordan River and about 150 acres of drier upland. Two miles of the Jordan River Parkway Trail runs through the property along the Jordan River. Galena also includes an archaeological site of tremendous importance.  Some of the oldest dwellings and artifacts known in Utah have been found on the site.  Galena is managed by FFSL under the Galena Property Management Plan and in accordance with the conservation easement.

Galena Property Management Plan