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Weeping American Elm - Provo

Common Name Weeping American Elm
Species Ulmus americana
Address 80 South 90 East, Provo
City Provo
Year Planted 1927
Height 28 Feet
Spread 70 Feet
Circumference 97 Inches
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base. 30.7 Inches
Name of Nominator Lorna Harrison
Date Rated 1990-12-05
Ownership Public
Story This is a very unusual tree and was planted in the early 1927 soon after the Utah County Building was built. Another name for this tree is "tabletop elm", due to its tendency to grow horizontally, rather than vertically. In the summer, you can see numberous individuals enjoying the shade of this remarkable tree between the support beams that were installed to hold up some of its limbs. In the fall, it has been reported that it can take up to seven dump trucks to remove the fallen leaves that this elm produces. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, this tree is a unique and delightful specimen.
Author Heather Church