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Silver Maple - Draper

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Common Name Silver Maple
Species Acer saccharinum
Address 13211 S Sunset Stream Way
City Draper
Year Planted 1958
Height North Tree: 45 feet - South Tree: 47 feet
Spread North Tree: 45 feet - South Tree: 57 feet
Circumference North Tree: 141 in - South Tree: 148 in
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base. North Tree: 45 in - South Tree: 47 in
Name of Nominator Michael Vreeland
Date Rated 2018-01-18
Ownership Private: Michael Vreeland

These Silver Maples are a particularly hardy species. Estimated to have been planted in 1958, these trees often die prematurely given our harsh environments of scorching hot summers and bitter cold winters. However, these trees have not only lasted this long, they have thrived in such harsh environments.
These Silver Maples were part of an operating farm, owned by the late Dale H. Ballard. Dale Ballard purchased the land in 1964 and he grew to love these trees. The farm grew primarily sugar beets, corn, alfalfa and wheat. The farm also had chickens and cattle. He often used these trees for shade during the scorching hot summers while working in his farm. Later, Dale H. Ballard founded Ballard Medical in 1978. It has been estimated that he provided over 70,000 jobs during his time as President. Ballard Medical was a pioneer in medical devices. Being the first to make disposable medical products. Including: plastic IV catheters, respiratory equipment, and scrub brushes, just to name a few.
It is difficult to underestimate how Dale Ballard’s influence has truly shaped Utah’s market in medical devices. Most (possibly all) medical device companies have products that were a direct result of Dale Ballard’s, Ballard Medical.
However, Dale Ballard always considered himself a "dirt farmer". Every year, Dale Ballard would bring office workers to his farm to pick corn. The office workers would perform these farm tasks in their office attire. On the same day the corn was picked, the office workers would give the produce away to the employees.
In 1999, Ballard Medical was sold to Kimberly-Clark. In 2001, the 180 acre farm was sold and developed into what is now a beautiful subdivision, Bellevue of Ivory Homes. Through all of these changes, these trees have persevered.
Dale Ballard loved these Silver Maples. A memorial, where these trees stand now exist. They are an example of Utah’s perseverance, enduring harsh environments and our rich Utah history.

Author Michael Vreeland