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Mulberries - Salt Lake City

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Common Name Mulberries
Species Morus
Address 2661 East Evergreen Avenue, Salt Lake City
City Salt Lake City
Year Planted Mid 1800's
Height 63 Feet
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base. 34.5 Inches
Name of Nominator Robin Gray Bennion
Date Rated 2005-01-20
Ownership Private: Bennion
Story John Neff was a prominent figure in Utah Heritage, known for his flour mills, but the Neff family also participated in the ambitious plan of Brigham Young for the community of settlers to be completely self sufficient. The Neff's planted these three Mulberry trees on their property for the purpose of raising silk worms with the intention of providing silk, an almost indispensable fabric for ladies in the 19th century. Although the results of this experiment yielded less than 100 yards of fabric, the trees still stand, and residents are annually treated to a sidewalk full of mulberry's to remind them of the valiant efforts of the pioneers.
Author East Millcreek Community Council