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Littleleaf Linden - Sterling

Common Name Littleleaf Linden
Species Tilia cordata
Address 819 East Palisade Road, Sterling
City Sterling
Year Planted 1900
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base.
Name of Nominator Merial Hawkins
Date Rated 2001-06-09
Ownership Private: Cedar Crest Lodge

On the hill above Sterling is the picturesque old Musig home, which has been turned into Cedar Crest Lodge. On the south-east corner of the old home is a large Linden tree. It is tall and its branches spread wide over a patio. That kind of tree is rare in Utah. The owners highly prize the tree. Years ago (about 1970) they said they valued it at $1,000.00. This is the story of the Linden tree.

Charles E.C. Musig had emigrated from Germany alone when he was fourteen year old. He worked a while in New York City, then traveled west to San Francisco where he worked in a grocery store for five months. He heard about the rich mines in Utah, and went there in April 1871. He found work as a cook for some miners at Alta. He bunked with some Mormon boys from San Pete County. They taught him the gospel, which he accepted. He left the mines and moved to Moroni.

Charles met Emerett Funk, the daughter of Daniel Buckley Funk. They were married November 4, 1874. Daniel had made a damn across a little valley east of Sterling, diverted water, and created a resort. Charles and Emerett first lived in a dug-out, over-looking the lake. Next they homesteaded the property south of the lake and built a home. There they raised eight children. It was a lovely spot for a home, with a view of the valley below.

Charles and Emerett loved trees and flowers. They planted many shade trees around their home and had a large orchard. They had a large flower garden south of their home.

In 1898 Brother Musig was called to go on a mission to this native land. He served from July 8, 1898 to April 23, 1900. He was an effective missionary because he knew the German language and the ways of the German people.

When Charles Musig returned from his mission in 1900, he brought back with him a start of a Linden tree, in a can, carefully taken with some of this native soil. He guarded and cared for it on the voyage across the ocean, and the long train ride across the continent. He planted the little start about 25 feet from the southeast corner of this house on the south lawn. It grew to a beautiful height with a wonderful spread. Linden trees have dense, heart-shaped leaves and fragrant, yellowish flowers in the spring.

The tree can still be seen at the Cedar Crest Lodge on the brow of the hill east of Sterling, San Pete County, Utah. Mrs. Kelch, whose husband created the Cedar Crest Lodge, is a descendant of Daniel Buckley Funk. The family still own and operate the lodge (1998). The family highly values the tree because of its history, and because it is one of the few Linden trees in Utah.

Author Merial Hawkins