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Fremont Cottonwood - Liberty Park - Salt Lake City

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Common Name Fremont Cottonwood
Species Populus fremontii
Address Liberty Park, Salt Lake City
City Salt Lake City
Year Planted Early 1880s
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base.
Name of Nominator Irvin Hull (Zenda)
Date Rated 1995-01-13
Ownership Public: Salt Lake City
Story The only known historical record of this beautiful row of Fremont Cottonwood trees is that they were small trees in a picture taken in 1883. In additon, as a result of a world's fair in Chicago in the late 1800's there was a tremendous effort across the entire country to plant trees to improve community spirit. It is thought that the trees in Liberty Park, especially the Fremont Cottonwoods, are examples of those trees that were planted as part of this movement.
Author Alex Morris