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Fremont Cottonwood - Callao

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Common Name Fremont Cottonwood
Species Populus fremontii
Address Callao Star Ranch, Callao (Township: 11S, Range: 17W, Section: 1)
City Callao
Year Planted 1859
Height 100 Feet
Spread 98 Feet
Circumference 330 Inches
DBH Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is the standard forestry measurement of the tree's trunk diameter at 4.5 ft from the base. 105 Inches
Name of Nominator David Bagley
Date Rated 1992-10-08
Ownership Private: David Bagley
Story In 1975, Tree Registry in Washington D.C. asked us to measure this tree. At that time it was the second largest Fremont Cottonwood in the United States. It was planted in 1857 or 1858 at the Overland Stage Station at Willow Springs. It is not native this far north. In 1860 there were only three trees in Willow Springs, 1 Fremont Cottonwood, 1 Lombardy Poplar, and 1 Native Cottonwood. We still use the old stage station which is next to the tree. The station was also used for the Pony Express Station. It was a stage station before and after the Pony Express. Willow Springs name was changed by the post office to Callao and is so known now.
Author David C. Bagley