Wildland Fire Program and Crews Honored by Utah House and Senate

SALT LAKE – The Wildland Fire Program and the Lone Peak Conservation Center crews were honored on the floor of the Utah House of Representatives and the Utah Senate on February 6. 

Representative Tyler Clancy read a legislative citation on the House floor to recognize the selfless service the members of the fire program show in protecting the citizens and communities of Utah. 

“Their selflessness extends beyond our borders as they lent a helping hand to other states grappling with wildfire challenges, providing crucial support on over 30 fires across the country,” said Rep. Clancy read on the house floor. “The state’s fire program is further strengthened by the presence of a County Fire Warden in each county across the state. These wardens work collaboratively with local departments to address and mitigate Utah’s wildfire needs.” 

Following the reading on the House floor, Speaker Mike Schultz expressed his gratitude for the work of the men and women of the state Fire Program. 

“Thank you all for what you do and the services you provide to the state to keep us safe. It has been a couple of decent years, and our fires have not been too bad. We know that just around the corner will be another fire season, and you will be there to help us,” said Speaker Schultz.

On the Senate floor, Senator Curtis Bramble recognized them with a reading of the same citation. 

Following the reading, Sen. Bramble also commented, “They set aside their own safety as they go and defend our state against wildfires. They are heroes, and they deserve our recognition.”

Senate President J. Stuart Adams also expressed his gratitude during the ceremony.

“We know they put their lives on the line to protect us, our properties, and our natural resources, said Pres. Adams. “I have seen fires very close to my home, too close to comfort, and it is very comforting to know that you are up there doing the work, trying to protect us.”