Dromedary Peak – About

Established in 2007, the crew was named after a peak in the Wasatch Mountains. Dromedary Peak is a Type 2 handcrew and fuels management resource created by Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.  The program began as an expansion module arising from the UFRA Internship Program.  Dromedary provides students and other applicants an opportunity to gain field experience and valued training.  Students also can apply to receive college credit.

Dromedary Peak is the foundation program that will fill vacancies on other Lone Peak Conservation Center programs as needed during the fire season.  This has been a valuable asset to all of our crews, reducing potential downtime, while maintaining full suppression certification.  When not committed to wildfire assignments Dromedary participates in fuels reduction projects throughout the state of Utah. Beginning in 2012, the Dromedary Peak Fuels Crew has staffed a 20 person handcrew while on suppression assignments. Dromedary will continue to remain available for local wildfire assignments throughout the summer, and the plan is to continue to allow the crew limited national availability for suppression assignments during periods designated by the LPCC Duty Officers.  Since Dromedary’s creation, the crew has completed numerous fuels mitigation projects and responded as an initial attack resource to several wildfires around the state of Utah; and has also been called on to help suppress wildfires in Idaho and California.